10 Best Pink Car Seats [Infant & Convertible]

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Pink car seats are very cute. However, the question are they also safe?

For many years pink car seats were made by random manufactures and none were of high quality.

Nowadays, major manufacturers are going back to making pink high quality, beautiful, and bright infant car seats.

When you’re strapping in your little angel, you want them to be safe and riding in style.

We really considered all angles, options, and concerns you may have and sorted our list accordingly.


10 Infant & Convertible Pink Car Seats

The pink car seats bellow were ranked on quality, utility, safety, and style. For style, we chose seats that were aesthetically pleasing, with a variety of tastes covered, for yours and your little ones’ desires.

We looked specifically at how the seat can grow with your baby and both the price and the quality of the seat. This also included how easy it was to install or take with you on the go.

Safety was of the utmost importance, looking at the features designed to keep your baby safe from all angles, while keeping them comfortable and riding in style.

These seats all have innovative protections, which exceed federal standards.

For a quick look at how these seats compare and which will work best for your child’s size, check out this table. Be sure to scroll down below to see how our picks rank up and the best features of each seat.


1. Cosco Mighty Fit 65 DX Convertible Car Seat

A pink delight, this car seat was chosen for its space saving design. It is great if you have more than one child in need of a car seat. In most cars, three of these adorable seats can fit across the back seat.

The compact design also allows more leg room for both your baby and you. The fabric is deluxe and machine washable. Moreover, this seat is perfect for those who aren’t afraid of a little pink.

Even better, the cover can also go in the dryer, saving you lots of time. It allows you to clean up messes and keep going with your busy parenting life.

Also, this adorable seat has a side-impact protection and a five-point harness. The harness can be easily adjusted based on your baby needs. The seat only weighs 18 pounds; so it can be moved in and out with ease.


2. Graco Extend2Fit 

This seat comes in third for its extended rear-facing ability that sets it apart from many seats of similar styles. Your baby can stay rear-facing up to 50 pounds, but if you’d like to face your child forward, this seat can be converted to forward-facing for up to 65 pounds.

Having options is never a bad thing. The pads are adjustable and customizable, and there’s a perfect pop of pink on this washable cover.

The seat is designed for your baby’s comfort in mind with a reclining feature (with 6 different settings), as well as an easy to adjust harness, extra baby leg room, and a 10-position headrest so the fit is just right. An added bonus? Store it all cup holders!


3. Baby Trend Travel Systems 

This adorable Hello Kitty themed car seat is a high-quality seat that is just as cute as it is safe and functional. There is a Hello Kitty-themed print all over the seat that is colorful, fun, and youthful, perfect for the little girls that love Hello Kitty and all things girly.

Of course, the pattern isn’t over the top, so you don’t have to worry about it clashing with your car.

This is a forward-facing seat with a convertible harness style that grows and transforms with your child’s height and weight, ultimately ending as a booster seat.

The only missing element for this seat is the lack of infant capabilities.

While it does not have rear facing capabilities, this seat still possesses high utility and value, growing with children up to 100 pounds, some of the highest weight capacities on this list.

This will be the last car seat you need to buy, and it is very high quality to last for many years.


4. Evenflo Tribute LX Convertible Car Seat

For the fourth suggestion, this seat is noteworthy due to its adjustable and transitional harness straps that consider all different options and stages.

It is a 5-point system with 4 different positions for the shoulder harness, allowing you to change the straps as your child grows while keeping them locked in safely and protected on the ride.

You can also change the seat from rear-facing to forward-facing during the transition from baby to toddler.

In addition to its adjustable perks, the seat is also designed for travel or changing cars with its incredibly lightweight frame and easy installation, as well as easy clean up with a washable cover that is easy to put on and take off.

5. Safety 1st Grow and Go 3-in-1 Car Seat

This car seat comes in at number one due to its affordable price and transitional phases, encompassing style, quality, safety, and value in one package.

The pretty pink and gray combination is subtle but girly, and the cover is machine washable to allow for easy clean-up for any mess.

This isn’t the pinkest seat on the list, but it still has the feminine touches. The seat starts as a rear facing baby seat and then can be moved to a forward-facing seat for toddlers and kids.

Finally, when your child is old enough, it can be used as a booster seat.

This is the only 3 phase seat on the list, and for the price, it can’t be beat.

This is the best value for your money, and the safety features and considerations for every stage of your child’s growth makes this the top of the list.

Not to mention, you will have an easy time using and transporting this seat.

6. Evenflo Sonus Convertible Car Seat

Coming in sixth place, this infant seat exceeds federal safety standards and passes a variety of impact tests from different angles and accident scenarios.

The best feature of this seat is its comfort features, with an air flow ventilation system to control the temperature on hot and cold days.

In addition to the air vents, there are adjustable straps, buckle pockets, and cup holders for your child’s comfort and functional design.

This versatile seat can be taken on a plane and fit in mid-sized cars with ease, and will follow your little one as she grows from rear-facing to forward-facing, which is a steal for the price!

The quality is very high, so it will last throughout these transitions. The pink and gray pair well together as well, so it is stylish yet girly.


7. Disney Baby Apt 40 Car Seat

This adorable seat has lovely Disney Minnie Mouse print. The print features a mouse ears and bow head pillow that is girly and fun. The adorable polka dots and pink fabric definitely makes this one of the cutest car seats on this list.

The seat only works up to 40 pounds, but is rear-facing and only weighs 11 pounds so it is one of the lightest seats for parents to handle on this list.

For the price and the design, this is an excellent car seat.

For instance, since it accommodates a child in rear-facing position up to 40 pounds and 40 inches, your Disney themed seat, though already a bargain, will last even longer.

As a result, it will save you money and keep your baby safe.

8. KidsEmbrace 2-in-1 Harness Booster Car Seat

This car seat has a truly magical design with the pink fabric. In addition, the seat features a Cinderella & cape princess printed design.

Furthermore, the gorgeous front facing seat is convertible as your child grows. Finally, the cape is detachable and can also be used as a blanket.  This seat may not be with your baby from the very beginning since it doesn’t have a rear option. However, it is a magical seat that your little one will enjoy and feel like a princess!

While riding in the car, your precious baby can imagine it to be the horse drawn carriage!   In addition to being aesthetically beautiful, the seat is also safe, efficient to install, and comfortable.


Honorable Mentions (Not Longer Pink) 


Safety 1st Onboard 35 Air 360 Infant Car Seat

This seat is perfect for your infant, keeping safety and comfort in mind. With reinforcements, air cushions, stability, and foam, this seat is safe for any accident and will shield your infant at all angles.

The seat has patented air protection technology that keeps babies snug and safe, even in rollover accidents.

The research and innovation that was involved in developing this seat makes it well worth the price.

Not only it is very protective for your child but also it is lightweight for you, and provides room for your baby’s comfort.

This seat is only for rear-facing infants, but its cushioned comfort and safe design is worth the investment for your travels with the little one.

Although rear-facing, it has an extended style so that babies up to 35 pounds can travel in this seat.

An added bonus, the 18 pound weight and handle are easy to use to move around, in and out of stores, the house, and more.


Pink Seat Pricing 

It is also reassuring for you to know your little one is going to be in good hands.
Car seats come in a variety of sizes, safety protection, and weight ranges.

Furthermore, pink car seat range from cheap to very expensive. Shopping for a car seat can be overwhelming, but since you’ve narrowed it down to pink seats, we did the work for you.

After shopping around, we pulled together seats that were pleasing to the eye, and comforting to the mind knowing your baby is safe.

There are options to last for years, to last for one stage of life, to fit in big cars, to travel with, and to fit in small cars.

Additional Models & Table of Comparision

Product Name
Weight Range
Safety 1st Grow and Go 3-in-1 Convertible Car Seat
5-100 pounds
Check Price
Disney Baby Apt 40RF Convertible Car Seat
Up to 40 pounds
Check Price
Baby Trend Hybrid 3 in 1 Car Seat
22-100 pounds
Check Price
KidsEmbrace 2-in-1 Harness Booster Car Seat
29-100 pounds
Check Price
Graco Extend2Fit Convertible Car Seat
4-65 pounds
Check Price
Evenflo Sonus Convertible Car Seat
5-50 pounds
Check Price
Evenflo Tribute LX Convertible Car Seat
5-40 pounds
Check Price
Cosco Mighty Fit 65 DX Convertible Car Seat
5-65 pounds
Check Price
Maxi-Cosi Pria 70 Convertible Car Seat
9-70 pounds
Check Price
Safety 1st Onboard 35 Air 360 Infant Car Seat
4-35 pounds
Check Price

Not Only Pretty in Pink

Pink car seats come in a variety of prints and patterns, including your baby’s favorite cartoon.

In addition, they come in various youthful combinations like polka dots or multiple shades of pink.

Some are fully pink, well others are just subtly accented by the color.

Style and utility can go hand in hand. This roundup is full of delightful pink seats for you and your baby’s adventures. Furthermore, there are many options for older kids.

In other words, when your child is a bit older, they will appreciate the sophisticated car seat. In conclusion, getting strapped in won’t be a chore, it will be a delight!

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